Welcome to Jay Amory's website. Jay Amory is a writer of fantasy books and stories for older children and young adults. His first novel, The Fledging of Az Gabrielson, was published in the UK by Gollancz Books in August 2006 and the sequel, The Pirates of the Relentless Desert came out in August 2007.

Pirates of the Relentless Desert

The second book in Jay Amory's The Clouded World series is called The Pirates of the Relentless Desert.

"Approaching in darkness in huge airships, Airborn pirates are raiding refineries and pillaging Groundling factories - taking by force the supplies which used to be offered as a tribute to the winged 'gods'. And the Groundlings are getting ready to defend themselves."

A reviewer writing for UK Newspaper The Guardian had the following to say about the book:

"The second volume of the Clouded World series follows the fortunes of the plucky Az Gabrielson in his quest to unite two future strands of humanity, the Airborn and the Groundlings. The former are winged and consider themselves superior, and live in vast aerial cities, while the latter are wingless and eke out an existence in a bleak post-apocalyptic landscape far below.

"Az is given the captaincy of an airship on a mission to apprehend Airborn pirates bent on pillaging Groundling oil installations. Meanwhile, on the ground, his teenage sweetheart Cassie Grubdollar and her family set out across the Relentless Desert in a bid to locate their errant father who is searching for a subterranean store of pre-apocalypse war planes.

"What makes the novel so compulsively readable, quite apart from Amory's skill in narrating a story full of incident at breakneck pace, is that the reader comes to care about the varied cast. In lesser hands the characters might have become ciphers, but Amory imbues even the minor players with life and individuality. It's also thrilling, with a magnificently described aerial dog-fight finale and a dénouement crammed with cliff-hangers."

The Pirates of the Relentless Desert is out now in hardback in the UK, published by Gollancz Books and is available then from all good high street and online bookstores, including Amazon.co.uk.

The Fledging of Az Gabrielson - click for more info from Amazon.co.uk

Book one in the Clouded World series, The Fledging of Az Gabrielson, is currently available in a handsome paperback edition, published on August 9th 2007 by Gollancz Books.

It will be available from all good high street and online bookstores, including Amazon.co.uk. And if you're lucky, you might still find a copy of the hardback (priced £12.99) although these are probably pretty rare by now.

The book appeared on the list of recommendations for the British Fantasy Awards 2007, Best Novel category.

And various people had the following things to say about it:

"The novel's themes of unthinking faith, blind consumerism and segregated society, as well as the problems of the "disabled" young hero must overcome, are perfect for the young adult market. Do buy this for your kids." -- SFX

"Amory's short brisk chapters with succinct headings keep the plot revelations coming and the pages turning. And particularly successful are the vivid scenes where Cassie's family scour the predator-ridden landscape in their 'murk-comber' for items that fell from the sky cities. The Fledging of Az Gabrielson is an entertaining read, and though the first part of a series stands on its own." -- Starburst

"Amory peppers the ground with an absolutely wonderful cast of characters. All great stuff! ... Amory is a writer with an innate social conscience and a voice that calls to readers of all ages. I look forward to seeing how the story develops in the next volume." -- SFRevu

"One of the greatest fantasy novels that's ever been written by a groundling. You can read this book as an allegory of western civilization and our exploitation of the third world... or you can just enjoy it. -- Teen Titles

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